Precautions for Safe Diwali


  • Light fireworks in an open area.
    Keep crackers like flower pots and chakras on a flat surface while lightning.
  • Maintain a proper distance from crackers.
  • Keep a water bucket, sand and first-aid box nearby you.
  • Light only one cracker at a time.
    Do not light the fireworks in absence of parents.
  • Light rockets and similar fireworks on terrace or ground.
  • Remove all inflammable stuffs nearby you while lightning fireworks.
  • Do not wear silk or synthetic clothes while playing with fireworks.
  • Wear good shoes because open slippers that can let the feet burn.
  • Do not throw the burning fireworks at the place that can cause accidents
  • Do not wear nylon, silk and synthetic clothes while lightning crackers
  • Light crackers from a decent distant, but not with matchsticks
  • Do not light rocket without placing it in a container or bottle
  • Do not light fireworks beneath trees or wires
  • Do not go back and check the crackers if they are igniting or not
  • Do not try lightning used fireworks
  • Do not experiment combining two different fireworks or do not try making your own firework at home
  • Never keep any cracker or inflammable material in your pockets
  • Do not throw burning crackers or fireworks at other people/pets/trees/plants/buildings.
  • Never try lightning fireworks indoor.

About Us

Who we are

Found in 2016, by 4 friends (4alphas) with diversified work experience and knowledge. Initiated with the business of logistics in the city. With the success and trust, the company expanded the services to Corporate Industries by supplying Corporate Gifts, Stationery and Sanitary utilities, Digital and Offset printing.
We incorporate any promotion related activity of your brand/company.

What we do

Corporate Gifts, Transport & Delivery, Academic & Office needs, Digital & Offset Printing

Corporate Gifts

We are a premier solution for any Corporate Gifts, Awards, Trophies, Diaries, Calendars and Catalogue Designing with a moto to provide on time delivery and uncompromising quality.

Transport & Delivery

We suffice logistics needs primarily for goods transportation. Our clientele include diversified sectors ranging from FMCG, Pharmaceuticals and Mechanical industries.   

Academic and Office Needs

We provide customized solution for all your ultimate stationary needs and tailor made utility requirements.                                                      

Digital and Offset Printing

We render multimodal catalogue printing, product packaging, signage boards, diaries and calendar printing, corporate design (logos and branding) and web designing.

How we do it

We identify the demand scale, research on the requirements, develop our capacity to deliver beyond demand and route a way to serve in future. 

Our values

Client focused service, affordable equitable access to products, continuous quality improvement, demand based supply and service motivated research.